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Elbzimmer seating chart
Room list 2019/20

Here you will find everything about our rooms. Prices, location and facilities!

Our menu

Group card

Our special menu for bus- or other groups of 20 perons or more!
Valid from 01.12.2018 - 31.10.2019

Der Lauenburg'sche Teller

The Lauenburg'sche Teller is an action by the district association
of the DeHoGa Schleswig-Holstein

A la carte for small groups

A small menu for groups a la carte from 10 - 20 people



Finally back on the menu! Sauerfleisch from our house butcher!

For good eaters!

Eating the Matjes (Pickled Dutch herring)

For bus companies and other groups of 20 or more

Salads & soups
Schnitzel & Co.
Schnitzel & Co. 2
Chicken Schnitzel
Steaks and more...
For kids!
Beer by the tap and softdrinks
Bottled beers and Schnaps
Aperitifs, Cognac & Whisky
Coffee and Tea

Menu cards

The wedding menu

The classic for Green-, Silver- or Golden
Weddings! From 20 Persons!

Menu "7th heaven"

A delicious menu - not only for young-lovers!

From 20 Persons!

The American Style

Chilibeansoup, Roastbeef -warm-,
Icecream "Tombstone" 

From 20 people!

Candlelight dinner

The romantic menu

Prague Honey-ham fry

A nice meal for any occasion!
Tasty, sated and inexpensive!

From 20 Persons!

Some like it "wild"

Cep soup, wild boar fry, small pancake filled with forest fruits, vanilla ice

From 20 Persons!

Dishes of the nations

A multi-course meal from different European countries!

From 20 Persons!

The "Schnitzelparty"

Pork and chicken Schnitzel -satt-
With many sauces and side dishes!

From 20 persons!

Country BBQ

All you can eat from the BBQ-Grill!
From 20 Persons! 


The something diffrent meal!

From 20 persons

The Lauenburger Castle feast!

A sumptuous meal, best for the cold season!
From 20 people

Luxury Paella with fish

Only selected, noble fish fillets, prawns and mussels are processed here!

From 10 Persons!

Luxury Paella -meat-

The alternative with rich meats!

From 20 persons!

Kale -homemade style-

The hearty dish for cold season!
All you can eat! 


The "Potato party"

The little different kind of food! 

With overnight stay, dance and drinks package,
or just the food in a cozy atmosphere! All feasible!

From 20 Persons!

Directions to the Schifferhaus
3 funny days

The ideal excursion program for groups and clubs


Sandwiches - also to go -

Whether a birthday, anniversary or ... or ... or ...

The Skipper-Buffet

The small rustic!

The Mediterranean buffet

Get back your "holiday feeling"!

The Bismarck-Buffet

Our bestseller!

The Christmas-buffet

Festive buffet -not only to Christmas-! ;)

The Hanse-Buffet

The exclusive buffet for connoisseurs!

For Bikers

The "Biker-weekend"

A funny weekend for young and old people!

Biker-Tour 1

Biker-Tour 1: River "Elbe" and the villages

Biker-Tour 2

Biker-Tour 2: Idyll on the canal

Biker Weekend Flyer

The ideal weekend for motorcyclists