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The "Biker-Weekend"


Arrival, room distribution
19.00 h: Soup of the day - always fresh from the pot -
"Holsteiner Brotzeit" with specialties from the region
There are either 1 wheat beer 0.5 l (also non-alcoholic), 1 beer on tap 0.4 l, 1 wine spritzer or 1 glass of wine or a soft drink!

08.00 - 10.00 clock breakfast buffet
10.30 clock: Now it starts!
Choose from two tours that you like better!
Tour 1: "At the Elbe and over the villages" about 36 km
Tour 2: "Idyll on the canal" about 47 km
You can download the tours in the download area. (You can find the download area in the lower navigation bar!)
We will send you a "Google Maps link" for a binding booking!
From 15 people you can also book a picnic! Inquiry please offer by mail!
When you come back and have all "collected", we refresh you first with a "Radler", a cold beer, a glass of wine, or a soft drink!
19.00 h:
When the weather is fine, we reserve a table on our Elbterrasse, alternatively in our restaurant. To "get back your power", we serve you our "Schipper-Tafel"!
Meat grill plate (s) and fish grill plate (s) depending on the number of people, with plenty of side dishes to really
"get  full"!

As a "nightcap" is of course our "Elbtropfen" (mild herb brandy) included!
Then it's time for a cozy get-together and a chat over the day!
08.00 - 10.00 clock breakfast buffet
If you wish, you can book a guided tour of the old town! The cost is 50, - €
each 2-20 people.
Alternatively, a visit to the thoroughly renovated Elbschiffahrtsmuseum (350m)!
Price per person: 130, - €



The "Biker-weekend"

A funny weekend for young and old people!