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Potatoe Party

The complete tour offer for associations, friends, clubs, companies and other groups looking for a nice party!

Start: 19.00 o’clock End: 1.00 o’clock

A live band or a Dj jolly you along with gags and music ! All usual drinks are included in the price from 19.00h until 1.00h.

The "other" meal!
Good mood till the morning!

Sitting around a rustic covered table. Equipped with a wooden plate, potato peel knife and a fork you are waiting for the things to come.

First a potato soup with roast potatoes and chanterelles are served from a clay jug. Then we dish up: potato in the skin, fried potatoes with bacon from the copper pan, baked potato and potato fritter, Matjes (pickled herring) with onions, ham, grilled sausage, fried bacon and roastbeef.

To have a good start everybody gets a "Rotblondes" (red blond beer) and an iced potato schnaps.

EUR 110,00 per person incl. overnight stay and breakfast buffet, all you can drink, the "kartoffelparty" and music!


The "Potato party"

The little different kind of food! 

With overnight stay, dance and drinks package,
or just the food in a cozy atmosphere! All feasible!

From 20 Persons!