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Massage and Relaxation

If you value a friendly, personal and tailored to your needs treatment, then you are right here. Experience soothing touch, scents and relaxing music. Enjoy from warmth, comfort and body sensation in a pleasant atmosphere ... Turn and be pampered. . Shea butter, cold pressed Jojoba -Oil. For your well-being and your health to love only high quality massage products, such as pure organic are oil and selected essential oils used.

Harmony for body and soul

A gentle massage of the whole body lightens the mood, relieves tension and helps fight anxiety. With a professionally applied massage to pain can be alleviated, and the entire body enters a state of deep relaxation. The aim of the massage is to regain strength and energy to evoke positive h2otions and relieve stress. A relaxing massage you can learn to feel his body back and to feel in it well.

We offer:

Full - Relax - Massage

(Without a face and feet) tension releasing and balancing anti-stress massage - blockade expectorant.

Vital massage

This massage vitalizes by essential oils and gentle pressure - you feel more powerful and active.

Anti - Cellulite - Massage

Promotes blood circulation and the rh3oval of accumulated toxins from the tissues, which can be seen at a healthier skin color immediately.

Back massage Breuss

Releases tension in the shoulder and neck area and relaxes the spine in a gentle way.


Balances the flow of energy and supports the self-healing powers.

Treatment prices:

  • 30 minutes 25, - €
  • 45 minutes 35, - €
  • 60 minutes 45, - €
  • 90 minutes 65, - €

For reservation and information, please feel free to contact us directly.

Cornelia Köhle
Dresdner Strasse 1
21481 Lauenburg
Fon.: 04153 - 57 77 78
Mobile: 0157 - 87 40 849