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May 3, 2020: Traditional May-Beer-Party!

On 03.05.2020 it is time again! Our traditional "Maibockanstich" with live music starts again!

From 11.00 - 15.00 o'clock it's partytime again! In good weather, of course, on our Elbterrasse, in "rainy weather" the party is in our Elbzimmer!

For the second time, Heike Köhler and Graham Falke will accompany the maibock tapping musically!
And for all the loyal fans of the "Zentnerband" i will say: They are wonderful! ;-)
The two professional musicians are simply first class! Let yourself be enchanted by the breathtaking voice of Heike. But Graham sings good even the same! And when they sing together - unbeatable!

And I will support the two musically with a few of "Zentnerband"- classics!

We have to take some admission this year and that there will be tickets for the event exclusively in advance! The tickets must be picked up one week before!
So we look forward to the beautiful traditional event in the most beautiful weather on our Elbterrasse! (Hopefully!)

11.00 - 15.00 Uhr

Admission: 8,- €

Tickets presale only in the "Schifferhaus" 04153-58 65 0