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February 22, 2019: Dinner of the pirates

Lisa-Marie Ramsbeck in a one-woman comedy by Wolfram Christ  

Marie Tiem works as a chambermaid (and more) in this harbor lunar, where the audience sits.

The rooms above are rented by the hour. Here she met the pirate Sir Francis Drake. Of course, she fell in love with the charismatic man. He seduced her with brown potatoes that he had brought from South America. And he promised her the marriage. Consequently, Marie is now waiting for the day of his return, speculating on a terrible revenge that she wants to take with her help to those who treat her unfairly. But Drake, now ennobled by Queen Elizabeth, transports her. Rumor has it that he recently shared the Queen's bed. Marie is angry and declares war on the Empire. She is determined to become a pirate herself and to do the same to Drake's ships as the Spanish fleet does. Duck and plunder. But she needs a team for that. But there are enough people in the dining room, who certainly have a desire for a free life and tremendous treasures.

The audience can dress up as a pirate. It is completely involved!

Before and between the individual files, we submit a hearty 3-course pirate menu! Let yourself be surprised!

Start: 18.30 h
Inlet: 18.00 h

Admission: € 49,00 incl. Dinner and Theater-Show

Tickets and seats at:

"Zum Alten Schifferhaus" 04153/58 65-0