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March 9, 2019: cultural- and pub night

Skiffle Track


The skiffle-euphoria was already over, but none of those who were in the 60s will ever forget this joyfully swinging music with the racy rhythm of the washboard and the incomparable accompaniment of the "Teekistenbass"!

10 years later, in the beginning of the 70s, Skiffle-musicians of the past days and friends met to finally ... just for fun ... to skiffle. The "Hamburger Szene" was coined during this time and by the band "Leinemann" from Hamburg, Skiffle again gained importance!

In 1974 at the Cotton Club, "Skiffle Track" presented themself to the public for the first time. In October 2004 they had also celebrated their 30th anniversary with many friends, musicians and fans! The cast of the band didn`t changed in all the years (meanwhile 44!)! All musicians of "Skiffle-Track" stayed true to their music!

The "Teekistenbass" is no longer in use, but original Skiffle is still the core of the repertoire. Jazz, blues and folk songs, sometimes a little bit rocky interpreted, enrich the program!

To Skiffle track belong today:

Karin Marcinak: voc./ Banjo
Dieter Lütz: voc./ Gitarre
Heino Ramm: voc./Klarinette/ Saxophon/ Flöte/ Mundharmonika
Jörg Zschimmer: Dobro-Gitarre/ Banjo
Fridtjof Schulze: Waschbrett/ Cajon/ Percussion/ Piano
Wolfgang Ahrens: Bass

Start: 20.30 h
Inlet: 19.00 h

Admission: during the "cultural- and pub night" of the town Lauenburg (price not yet see fixed)

Tickets in advance (about 8 weeks before the event) at:

Allen organizers of "cultural- and pub night"
at the Tourist Information Lauenburg 04153/59 09 220
or with us
"Zum Alten Schifferhaus" 04153/58 65-0