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The Crime & Mystery Weekend

The exciting
Crime mystery weekend
6 - 18 persons (from May 2020 up to 30 persons)
Arrival between 14:30 and 17:00
welcome syringe
Dinner (soup, hearty snack)
afterwards we play "Black-Stories"
A MITMACH GAME to solve tricky cases!
In between we urge you still our own,
35.5% "solvent" on!
At about midnight, the lights go out!
08: 00-10: 00
Buffet breakfast
Visit of the Elbschifffahrtsmuseum with many
interesting and exciting exhibits and stories
Lunch snack in the "Schifferhaus"
14:00 and 16: 00
(Time will be announced individually, depending on the free date of the event organizer)
Visit to the Lauenburg "EXIT-HALL" !!
An "ESCAPE ROOM EVENT" in a class of its own!
The escape game
The virtual escape game on the screen is over - dive into the real adventure! Now it's time to get off the sofa and into a world full of riddles, fun, excitement and challenges! Prove courage, willpower and team spirit and fight together against time! You have exactly 60 minutes to master the game-leading puzzles in the escape room of your choice through creativity, reasoning and combining, finding the solution or key to the outcome. Each room has its own story and is accordingly themed. However, based on real, well-known personalities or circumstances, this is purely fictitious.
After a short introduction, your team enters the selected room. Now the time is running. Within the next hour, you will search for puzzles, codes, and hidden clues that will help you gradually open the existing locks and reach your destination. Depending on the space, this can be the key to the outside or the fulfillment of a specific task.
BUT: Do not worry, everyone will come out again! ;-)
The "EXIT-HALL" is located in the upper town of Lauenburg and can be reached on foot in about 20 minutes. Of course, driving is faster!
It starts the gruesome old town tour! They do not believe what was going on in Lauenburg earlier. The Middle Ages was not a pony farm!
"Hangman's meal" Bon appetit!
"On the trail of the culprit"
see 2-3 original episodes (depending on the time, mood) of Jürgen Roland`s hit series from the 60s! (Projector)
You are also invited to join! Find the culprit! Here we support you again with our in-house
At midnight the lights go out and we run out of steam! ;-)
8: 00-10: 00
Buffet breakfast
afterwards you are finally allowed to return to your safe home! ;-)
2 x overnight stay
2 x breakfast buffet
1 x soup, snack
1 x material for "Black Stories"
1 x entrance Elbschifffahrtsmuseum
1 x lunch snack
1 x participation EXIT HALL
1 x old town tour
1 x 3-course menu ("hangman's meal")
1 x DVD evening "The offender from the track"
Price per person: 192, - €